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"Burnt to the Bone, Sent to Hell, Still Wrenchin'."

This skull with crossed wrenches and flames panel sculpture is plasma cut out of a 4' X 8' 16 gauge steel sheet and coated with a resistant clear paint.

“Manic Mechanic”
16 gauge steel with candy color paint.
4' X 8'
Shipping Weight: 60.00 lbs

Price: $4,300

To purchase this sculpture now using your credit card though PayPal, click here to be directed to the Vulture Kulture Store:


If you are in the Greater Los Angeles Area and would like to arrange for delivery and wish to pay upon delivery, or if you are located in any other area and wish to use your own shipping account, please fill out our inquiry form:



“When I was a kid my dad raced stock cars at the Rose City Speedway in Portland, Oregon. He drove an old Ford painted black with a red number 13 on the door, and I thought of him when I made this.”


All pieces in this sculpture were cut by hand with a plasma torch; no CNC machines or computer programs were used for this purpose.

Delivery and installation available in the Los Angeles area.





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